User Agreement

Age & Access To Services:
Subscribers must be at least 18 years of age or older as local gambling law dictates. All confidential betting information from our service MUST be used ONLY by the member whose name is entered in the registration form. All IP addresses are logged to prevent contravention of these terms and multiple accesses from a single authorised user at differing IP addresses during any 24 hour period. Once a member has received his/her membership confirmation, he/she is bound to an agreement that he/she shall not in any way divulge the information to any third parties. Members may log-in up to 5 times per day ONLY. Any attempt to breach this condition will result in the members account being blocked, pending deletion at the discretion of our administrator.

We cannot offer refunds of subscriptions under any circumstances. This is not through lack of goodwill but because information must be paid for irrespective of results. We cannot be held responsible for failed mailservers at the subscriber end of the agreement. If you do not receive confirmation of your login details within 48 hours of subscribing to the service, it is your responsibility to contact our administration team via the contact methods advertised on our site.

Our Commitment To You & Fighting Fraud:
We will not divulge our subscribers details/email addresses to any third parties. We will seek legal redress for any payment attempted to be made via fraudulent means & will co-operate with the authoritites to bring offenders to justice.

Network, Downtime & Late Information:
All IP addresses are logged for your security and peace of mind. The Terms & Conditions for different types of access to our services can differ at any time. Please contact us if you are in any doubt before using our services. We cannot be held responsible for failed servers at any time. If we are aware that our service will be unavailable for any reason, we will do our utmost to inform all users in advance.

Any subscriber to our Service who cannot access the service when we are at fault will receive free extra time on their membership plan. Your membership will not begin until the day your membership goes live. In the event of there being any downtime with our payment processors, PayPal, we will add additional time on to subscriptions for those who cannot gain access to the service straight away.

Cancellation & PayPal:
It is important that all subsribers are aware that we use recurring subscriptions. If you wish to cancel your membership you may do so at any time directly via a link within your Member Area to PayPal or any other payment processor which may be in operation at the time of your subscription. You will not lose any remaining time on your subscription through early cancellation. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to cancel unwanted subscriptions – we are unable to do this on subscribers behalf, and no refunds wil be given for those who forget to cancel.

Members must be aware that not every bet will win. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance and our service is not bound by any assurance that profits will be achieved.

We reserve the right to amend these Conditions as appropriate at any time and the latest version of the Terms may be found on our website.