Scoop6 to receive 250,000 starting fund boost

Craig Brazier - Scoop6 winner

Craig Brazier: collected over £1 million on the Scoop6 after staking just £2

  PICTURE: Daily Mirror  

BRITAIN’S popular flagship Saturday bet the Totescoop6 is set to undergo a radical makeover in a bid to create more millionaires.

In what will be the first major structural overhaul since the six-leg bet was launched in 1999, the number of pools is being increased from three to four with the introduction of a new starting fund that will automatically transfer when the win fund is landed, ensuring that punters, for whom the minimum stake remains £2, have a rollover to play for every week.

The move comes as the bet’s organiser Betfred aim to capitalise on this year’s renaissance of the Scoop6 which in May delivered on its promise to create the biggest payout in British betting history when eight ticket holders secured a share of £10,740,797 before Bernard Marantelli and two big-staking punters went on to land the record-breaking £5,481,763 bonus the following weekend.

The starting fund will be introduced when the current win fund, which after rolling over for nine weeks stands at £1,362,921, is finally won. Totepool will be putting £250,000 into the first starting fund to guarantee the innovation gets off to a flying start.

Totepool managing director Phil Siers said: “We’re confident the changes we’re going to make will provide us with many more Scoop6 millionaires.

“The addition of a starting fund will mean there will always be a rollover for customers to aim at, regardless of whether the win fund is won the week before. We think this addition will prove popular with players as they will be able to look forward to big-money rollovers every Saturday.”

Scoop6 bonus winner Bernard Marantelli at York

Bernard Marantelli: landed Scoop6 plus the record-breaking bonus fund

  PICTURE: Dan Abraham  

Net pools for each of the four funds will continue to account for 70 per cent of the stakes, with the new starting fund taking five per cent of total investment each week, with 35 per cent going to the win fund, 17.5 per cent to the place fund and 12.5 per cent to the bonus fund. Stakes are currently allocated to the win, place and bonus funds in the ratio of 7:4:3 with a deduction of 30 per cent from each fund.

Tote operations manager Brent Dolan said: “We’re looking to make more millionaires and there is no reason why on occasions we couldn’t have £500,000 in the starting fund to go straight into the win fund if it works the way we expect it to.

“At the moment the win fund starts again from scratch once it is won and takes a while to build up, but that won’t be the case in future – there will always be money to go into the pot and sometimes it could be a substantial amount.

“What we saw earlier in the year was that the bigger the win fund, the more people play, and the pool increases faster. In future the starting fund will accelerate that process, which I hope punters will see as positive news.”

Saturday’s Scoop6, which is predicted to have a combined win and bonus fund value of more than £2.5m, is likely to comprise races from the C4 meetings at Sandown, Chester and Beverley.


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