Green Light’s Epsom win puts brakes on Scoop6 players


Gawdawpalin’s win in the first leg of the Scoop6 was a blow for many

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A POTENTIAL £3.5 million could be up for grabs in next weekend’s Scoop6 after Green Light’s win in the fifth leg of Saturday’s bet was a red light for punters.

His victory in Epsom’s Investec Asset Finance Stakes was the knockout blow for Scoop6 players, but most of the damage was done when Gawdawpalin struck at 25-1 in the opening leg.

That meant a whopping 99.2 per cent of tickets were out after the first hurdle. There were 11 winners of the place fund, which returned £7,706.40.

“The Scoop6 bandwagon rolls on with the combined pools rocketing towards £3m,” said totepool’s Andrew Griffiths.

“Punters narrowly avoided a total wipe-out when Gawdawpalin popped up at 25-1 in the opener and did well to hang on until Green Light put a stop to proceedings in leg five.

“That’s seven win fund rollovers in a row and sets up a potential £3.5m bet next weekend.”

After Leg 1 Gawdawpalin (2,145 tickets remaining)
After Leg 2 Dal Harraild (55)
After Leg 3 Caspian Prince (1)
After Leg 4 Harzand (1)
After Leg 5 Green Light (0)


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