Aintree: Ground set to dry out ahead of day two

Aintree: dry weather should improve conditions for day two

Aintree: dry weather should improve conditions for day two

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THE going at Aintree was left as soft on the hurdle and National courses and good to soft, soft in places on the Mildmay course following day one, but dry weather is forecast overnight and during Friday’s racing.

The going was changed twice on Thursday morning after a wet and windy night. A further band of rain is forecast on Friday night into Saturday, with clerk of the course Andrew Tulloch predicting that would bring the going on National day back into line with where it was on Thursday night.

He said: “We’ve left the going unchanged and will be bringing in the rails by 3-4 yards tonight. The jockeys are saying it’s riding a bit on the soft side. 

“There’s a dry forecast tomorrow then a bit of rain into the night and Saturday morning. This morning they were talking about 3 or 4mm, but it might be more than that and it might be less than that. 

“National day is looking to be a bit showery, similar to today in that it’s going to blow through in the morning then hopefully dry up. 

“What impact that has depends on how much it dries out tomorrow, but it will probably keep it about where it is. The ground is likely to be a bit drier tomorrow, so it should be roughly back to where we are.”


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